Vaccines… not even scary!

How to avoid a medical error?

To start, always think about all the possibilities, all the scenarios…. And when that's not enough, a big shot of luck.

Today, little session vaccination against seasonal flu (we will not talk about the promised H1N1!).

-Hello sir how are you?

-Well doctor, in great shape.

-so we get vaccinated against the flu today, that's right.

-Yes doctor, here's my vaccine.

-no particular problem or event in recent days? No fevers, chills or a little cold?

-No, no doctor, everything is fine, nothing special.

-Well, pass here, remove your shirt.

I open the vaccine box, prepare my equipment, take out the syringe and prepare to sting when…

-By the way doctor, can you tell me if I have other vaccines to do?

-He Yes, let's see!

Examination of the International immunization booklet……..

-uh, it's a mistake or you made the yellow fever vaccine just three days ago?????

-Yes, I am going to Africa at the end of December so I anticipate!

Legs a little soft, the gaze fixed on the instrument of the tort (the syringe of vaccine) then on the accomplice (the patient), I declare with my legendary calm:

Well! So I'm not going to vaccinate you today because there is a mismatch between the flu vaccine and the yellow fever. We'll have to come by again in two weeks.

-Well, we were lucky that I asked you to check my vaccines!!!

Yes that is it. of luck….

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