Charter iToubib

I have decided to adhere to the neethical charter of which here are the elements of good conduct so that this site remains pleasant for all :

  • A fundamental principle: think of those who read you.
  • Before posting a question, make sure it was the subject of the post…
  • Use capital letters only if necessary. CAPITAL LETTERS GIVE THE IMPRESSION YOU LIKE and do not make you want to answer.
  • Do not put signatures in comments, but avoid anonymous comments.
  • When replying to another comment, it may be useful to quote enough original text to be understood.
  • Avoid SMS language when posts and comments are in French !
  • Use smileys/emoticones to indicate your state of mind, but use them moderately. D is an example of a smiley. Don’t assume that the smiley excuses everything or allows you to water down an otherwise insulting comment.
  • Attention to your level of language, you communicate with people from all over the world. Be careful with slang and local expressions.
  • Take into account the archiving of your comments by search engines. Be careful what you write, especially if you indicate your real name (or a regular nickname), all this may be kept for life.
  • Don’t post just to point out typos or spelling mistakes of others. Even after several rereadings and despite my friend Antidote, errors can creep in…so a little humility, thank you.
  • Avoid simply commenting on texts such as: “vffvdsv”, “salut”, “coucou”, “accord”, “pas d’accord” etc. Exchanges need to be nourished by constructive remarks and reflections.
  • Falsification (usurpation of identity) and mystification (multiple pseudos…) is not tolerable.
  • Advertising is generally not accepted in most blogs, except in exceptional cases or dedicated sites (which is not the case with ours). However, a link or trackback can be inserted provided that the comment is relevant and does not serve as an alibi for a disguised ad.
  • Write the title of the comment carefully if requested.
  • Wait until you’ve slept (or had your coffee) before sending violent or emotionally charged responses if you really have a lot on your mind about a given topic; blogs are great amplifiers of conflict because the physical absence of the person you’re talking to increases tension. Even if you are alone in front of your computer, remember that a blog is a public meeting.
  • Abusive or aggressive comments have no place in blogs, refrain from personal attacks. They will be deleted anyway….
  • Racist, anti-Semitic, pornographic, revisionist, sexist comments or in general any subject contrary to the law and humanist values are not accepted and will also be deleted.
  • Check the source of the information you post to avoid misinformation and rumours, cite your references.
  • Accusations without proof, distortion of facts, lies, misinformation, but also attempts at extremist or excessively partisan polemics, propaganda (direct or indirect), as well as any form of proselytism and dogmatism are not accepted.
  • Learn to participate and share, the interest of a blog is not just to read it, it is also enriched by community interventions including you!
  • Even if you are not sure of your French, go beyond your apprehension… you are welcome to join us.
  • Do not blame the blog manager, the behavior of participants.
  • Don’t blame blog editors for not answering your questions, they don’t have to.
  • Comments on this blog are moderated, the moderator reserves the right to publish or not to publish contributions.
  • Beware of trolls. A troll is an individual who persists in initiating discussions on topics that anger or in (wilfully) sowing discord among several people by pitting them against each other for example, a troll can also be a spammer. In the event of a Trolienne attack, measures are taken by blog managers against abuse.


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