About me

Me, myself and I
Here is how I presented myself in 2009: “General practitioner, historical PeCeist (ha the Tandy 1000EX!!!!) but enthusiastic switcher (it is really beautiful my MacBook Pro Unibody), webaddict for 15 years, I exercise my medical activity without leaving aside my passion for silicon. The desire to create this site appeared gradually with the wire of my humours (good and bad), the desire to make share my blows of heart, tricks or discoveries.
Almost 10 years later, I will say “music fan, careful technophile (how many apps, new services tried before abandoning them), dad a little paranoid for his children living in a world much more complex than ours”. I reoriented my career towards the construction of medical information systems, thus combining my two passions. Much less consultations (in fact no more at all)), anecdotes (I stopped my guards in the emergency departments, age perhaps…) and medicine in contact with the patient and much more reflection on the future of medicine, the digital and more precisely the digital medical.

The equipment
There too a lot of change. In my last articles in 2012, I began to be critical of Apple. Since then, if I still have a Macbook Air in mobility, I work mainly on PC. My iPhone turned into an Android without any regrets. I still keep the coffee, more coffee, a lot of coffee……………….. with always a little Armagnac from Father COUREAU and a small cigar on occasion.

The site
I return in the first article of this iToubib V2 on the reasons which pushed me to stop then to take again the site. Between medicine, music, the explosion of digital technologies and this unpleasant feeling “Big Brother is watching you” (I reread “1984” not long ago), I think I have some material.
So I keep iToubib. I also keep my WordPress with the security that goes well to avoid my previous disappointments. And I try as much as possible not to use too intrusive services that would know too much about me. That’s why there is no iToubib page updated on Facebook. For Twitter, we’ll see. In the end, long live RSS…