Living without google: Mailo another alternative to Gmail

Following my article on alternatives to Gmail, I was asked by the relationship load of Mailo, a French email service, which was surprised not to be quoted. In practice, alternative email services are numerous and Mailo was not out in search of an alternative to Gmail. After testing the service, this one is inexpensive and offers features especially for families that I have not found elsewhere. Changing rankings in sight?

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EMC mobile and pigeons

I have subscribed to EMC General Medicine, formerly AKOS, for many years. What was not my joy to see finally arrive on my iPad my encyclopedia, finally transportable with EMC Mobile. Except, except that it was without counting on the tariff policy of Elsevier which proposes nothing more or less for a holder of the paper and Internet version to subscribe the new offer with 50 % reduction…. to access exactly the same items I already have on paper or online!

It is true that when you are in a monopoly situation, why take the lead in customer loyalty? We have already experienced this with France Telecom. Maybe I should ask Xavier Niel to buy Elsevier to have correct rates 😉 Because question pigeons…….

In short, it annoys me to the point that I am thinking of cancelling my subscription for another service that may not exist. The Practitioner’s Review seems to have something interesting, but everything remains online so not portable. The Revue Prescrire of course, but there are not enough pathologies to effectively replace EMC.

So if among my readers, some use other services and want to give feedback, I am a taker.