"Pass on Mac? Never! "though….

"Yes it's clear, never!!! A closed platform, expensive machines, a cult under the influence of its guru and besides other professional applications there's nothing on Mac! »


Let's face it. I was the one who held them. I'm not proud of it now that I have crunched the apple, but hey I assume. So why change your mind?

You will find on the internet a lot of sites giving you 10 good reasons to switch or even not to switch. If you look at the page for the switchers on the Apple site, you will find a priori answers to the main questions that PC users ask before switching to MAC.

So, rather than adding another layer, I'll just give you my reasons, we'll see if it's any use to you.

First of all, I'm a cautious nature.

I am not sure that I will have launched without any certainty that I will always have Windows on standby in case I do not find the application I need. Switcher, why not, but it was not to find myself limiting in my possibilities. The advent of Intel processors on Mac a few years ago, the excellent BootCamp utility that allows to restart on Windows but also the virtualization software that allows to have Windows launch at the same time as Mac OS have decided me.

I pause for a moment on virtualization even if I will come back on a next post. Honestly, it's bluffing. As you can see in my presentation, I am working on a MacBook Pro so a laptop which normally is not the power question machine. But even with several programs launched, I can use Windows with Parallels Desktop without losing power and with a reactivity of the system just incredible. So do not have any fear on this side, even when passing on Mac, your former comrade will not be far. We'll see later that I only use it in the end very little, but good……

Second, the machines.

With age probably, I tended to turn to machines that were nice, quiet and powerful enough not to have to change every year. As much to say that in the jungle of PC, you have to follow. In this, Apple is nice. No obscure references, limited material offer and that does not change every month. It's not easy to choose. Moreover, my dear and tender experience showed that a Mac remains usable, efficient and stable for several years even if you change the operating system. Of course, there are some major advances that really make it necessary to change the material, but they are not very common. Often you will be able to continue to use your computer with the latest software released with of course performance less good than the latest configurations.

For example, I return to the PowerPC (IBM and Motorola processor, history on Mac) to the Pentium. Steve Jobs announced this passage on June 6, 2005 for the availability of machines for the Mi-2006. Since that time, the majority of software, of course Mac OS, turned on both a Mac Intel and PowerPC. It was not until the month of September 2009 and the arrival of Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Apple to stop the support of the PowerPC on its last OS. So users have had at least three years of respite to consider changing machines knowing that, in any case, they can stay on the previous version of the system and use their favorite applications.

Such a durability of your machine is, in my opinion, an advantage in a PC world where every new version of Windows sounds the death knell of PCs of more than a year.

Third, I stopped fiddling.

Age again, or rather the fact that I use my computer as much for my relaxation as to work. As a result, no more hacking from my PC, I was too afraid of a beautiful blue screen and not being able to use it properly. When I wanted to change the machine, it was all natural to turn to a Mac. We will come back to this after detailing the performance of the machines, but the fact that Apple is developing an operating system dedicated only to the machines it produces itself ensures excellent stability of the computer. Nothing extraordinary in this, on the contrary, it would be the opposite that would shock. If it is necessary to recognize that the engineers of Apple do a remarkable job, it is especially important to recognize the work done by those of Microsoft to have managed to develop a system that works on a machine park as heterogeneous. Even to attract the wrath of the fundamentalist Macs!!

Fourth, a stable system, but also, for the same reasons, performing.

Hardware and operating system work together to deliver you all the power available I insist on the performance of my MacBook Pro and this for a year. Because that's where the major difference between a Mac and a PC lies. When you first start Windows, you have a responsive, powerful system, as well as on a Mac. But quickly, after installing the software you need, the performance is whither, the responsiveness is at half-mast, crashes become more frequent and after a few months of use, formatting and reinstallation of the system is necessary with the associated loss of time.

Not on Mac.

Even after several months (or years), after installing and uninstalling programs, the system remains responsive and gives all the power available to its user.

That's part of the reason I decided to switch. There are many others, but this ticket would be at this time much too long. There are probably some questions that you are asking yourself and whose answer does not appear here. I will try to answer them in the articles to come in this section.

Ha! One last word on the price.

Bin Yes, a MAC is expensive not??? Yes and no! Indeed, you probably will not find a machine at 300 euros. I would answer that simply that quality is paid. You can't compare a Mac to a lambda PC. In terms of design quality and design (as this is also a Mac), I think it's okay to compare Macs to Sony PCs. At this point we can see that the price difference is no longer so important. If investing as much scares you, I refer you to my second point motivating my switch, the durability of your machine. And then Apple makes the Mac cheap with the Mac Mini on which you can reuse your current PC devices or the latest MacBook at 900 euros.

You're decided, are you still hesitating?

My next ticket will address the MAC. to follow so….

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