Side effects of vaccines

This is a topical issue. Between the hazardous communication of the Ministry of Health and the media that will jump on all the slightest facts that could scare the population (and thus make the ratings), it is difficult to see clearly.

Fortunately, a recent study is a rigorous way to clarify how to deal with the side effects of vaccination. Of course, conspiracy enthusiasts will doubt: the odds of the timing of the publication of this study at a time when pandemic vaccines are being challenged. I leave them to their delusions.

This study is being published by the journal "The Lancet", the quality of which is not to be questioned.

The author was responsible for verifying the side effects of vaccination by performing a placebo injection (simply sterile water) in place of another product. The results are without a call.

If this injection of placebo (water alone therefore) is carried out at a given date in place of the H1N1 vaccine, one would observe:

— for 1 million pregnant women:

397 spontaneous abortions within 24 hours

16 700 spontaneous abortions in the following 6 weeks

— for 1 million of individuals and within 6 weeks:

21 cases of Guillan-Barre

6 cases of unexplained sudden deaths

If a rigorous analysis is applied to this study, it would be necessary to demonstrate that vaccines present significant risks to these specific pathologies (and only those) that there is a significant difference (we are not talking about a few cases in More…) Between the side effects observed after vaccination and those of this study. That is clearly not the case at the moment.

I know this ticket is a bit technical and I apologize, but I didn't see how else to do it.

I hope I have reassured some, convinced others. The immunization campaign continues with schools, colleges and high school.

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