Fraternal confrontation

A meeting at the end of the afternoon to discuss, in a fraternal way, the flu and the vaccine.

Information on the organisation of vaccination, the management of our patients is detailed…..

-and then by the way, you recommend this vaccine?

-Ho that no, all for a flu. I won't let myself be manipulated!

I see red. I oscillate between disbelief of what I have just heard from a professional and the high likelihood of having a trouble hearing brutal.

Of course not. None of that. And my "confrere" to continue to detail the risks of the vaccine and the few deaths of the "flu" joined in the aftermath by a second.

The time to get out of my stupor, another comrade has already jumped on the overcoat. The tone rises between fallacious argumentation and chivalrous ethics. Hippocratic would have been proud!!!

I lean towards the two skeptics and, always with this calm that characterizes me (if so!), their request where their information comes from.

A white, the discomfort settles…

I quote them mine: Société Francaise infectiology, the Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Critical Care…..

In front, the void…

I describe these studies showing the real gravity although difficult to determinable of this flu according to the American and Australian experiments, this study on the side effects of the injection of sterile water (original), studies on Adjuvants And conservatives reassuring though imperfect…

Still nothing in front… finally if, a reaction, going in our direction, an article of the magazine prescribe (French magazine on drugs of flawless rigour and especially without advertising for pharmaceutical laboratories). This article recognizes the safety of pandemic vaccines even though it advises certain changes in presentation and dissemination.

Let's get up. We shake hands and then we go.

I am not sure I have been able to make them change their minds completely. Perhaps, simply insinuating doubt into ambient disinformation. It's not that bad already.

In our small assembly, more than two thirds will get vaccinated, the rest will think…

It would be time…

The news in potatoes-should we get vaccinated?
The news in potatoes-should we get vaccinated?

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