Living without google: Mailo another alternative to Gmail

Following my article on alternatives to Gmail, I was asked by the relationship load of Mailo, a French email service, which was surprised not to be quoted. In practice, alternative email services are numerous and Mailo was not out in search of an alternative to Gmail. After testing the service, this one is inexpensive and offers features especially for families that I have not found elsewhere. Changing rankings in sight?

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Live without Google: alternative to Gmail [UPDATE]

After searching for an alternative to the search engine, it’s the turn of Gmail. Gmail is the second service with which Google has become almost inevitable. Of course the solutions offered by Microsoft (, Apple, Yahoo, La Poste… will not be studied because they have the same flaws as Gmail.

Living without Google and therefore without Gmail seems to be the impossible. This is the case if we only search for free and secure alternative solutions to Gmail. But for a few euros a month, it is possible to find solutions: objective less than 5 euros! Here we go.

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Living without google: the search engine

First practical article in this new series on alternatives to Google, to all lords all honor, I start with its historical service: the search engine. On this point the graph below shows the distribution of search engines in France in December 2020. Explicit, isn't it?

Breakdown of search engines in France – December 2020

Living without Google search is an option. There are many alternatives. This article is unlikely to be exhaustive and does not purport to be exhaustive. Your returns are welcome.

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Living without google….or almost

One of the first victims of my desire to regain control over my digital life is Google. Living without Google, possible?

Paradoxically, it is not the worst in terms of privacy since the company has put in place rather effective (albeit somewhat hidden) systems for managing its personal data.

No, Google’s real problem among the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) is the scope of the services it offers. It covers far too many aspects of my life to allow one company to possess all this data. As I said, I don’t use Facebook, Apple has little information about me about Amazon, it’s more complicated, I’ll have to look into it…

Beyond the control of our personal data, we will see that this knowledge can pose a problem, for me at least, in the quality of the services offered (“results bubble” for example).

We need to clean up!

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