IPad: It's decanting….

In a previous post here, I had given my first impressions about the latest Apple IPad creation. Since Wednesday night, the blogosphere is in turmoil and the number of articles regarding the iPad multiply some positive others more than critical. In addition, the classical press took hold of the event and on the sites of our national newspapers, the number of notifications of pseudo-computer specialists multiply. So, a new genius shot of Steve jobs or a new flop at the Apple TV?

Personally, I do not think I am competent enough to consider future applications of the tablet and give a relevant opinion. That's why I propose in this ticket a small anthology of articles that I could find here and there on the Internet and that seem to them relevant.






So what to remove at the moment?

First of all modesty. Apple has been able to demonstrate in particular with iPhone that a simple tool could offer unexpected possibilities over time and proposed improvements so patience.

Then it should be noted that the chroniclers who have had the chance to hold the tablet a while in their hands seem more than conquered even if they emit certain reservations.

The comparison with the Archos tablet that works under Windows Seven that is found on many of the French forums seems to me, but then absolutely irrelevant. What for? Simply because apart from Apple's own build quality, the software part of the IPad will totally make the difference compared to a tablet running Windows Seven that remains neither more nor less than the same system with all its Cumbersome and on which Microsoft has added a touch management layer. Thanks to Apple, the operating system disappears completely for the benefit of a simple and direct use that will not require any training or training. It is in my opinion that the tablet will remain a revolution.

Regarding the reading of ebooks on the tablet, I remain doubtfully. Not that the tablet is not suitable, but more widely because I am somewhat convinced by reading a book on an electronic device. Probably I'm getting older, but I confess that having a book in my hands and turning the pages is all part of the fun of reading. Of course, the use of the IPad for the reading of professional books and reference books seems to me, however, all indicated. It should be noted however that the French page on the Apple website dedicated to the tablet does not speak of the new ibooks shop. So we will have to wait until Apple finalizes its agreements with the French publishers in particular with regard to the price.

Finally, I agree with the Macgeneration article that the tablet will necessarily be a success for people with allergies to it and that will be able at last to have at their disposal a tool and a system totally adapted to Their needs and levels of use.

About Me, my iPhone and my MacBook pro will probably remain my favorite tools while waiting for a future version of the tablet that could actually fit in between the two. Right now, I think I'm going to let my turn pass. But who knows…..

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