“New” Mac Pro: Pushes him to crime

Last night, Apple announced new MacBook Air, Pro, Retina… but nothing on Mac Pro. We had to wait for the reopening of the Apple Store to discover the “new” Mac Pro : a new generation processor (bof), a slightly faster memory (bof), the same graphics card (if, for two years), the same box with exactly the same connectors (no Lightpeak or USB 3).

Today the rumor suggests that there would be a TRUE update in 2013, three years since the previous generation. One is therefore entitled to wonder what it takes to Apple when I really don’t think it needs an ultra large investment to evolve its best (well in the past because compared to iMac…) machines.

I bought a Mac Pro late last year. My motivation was simple: I had a Hackintosh that worked correctly, but for which I had to update every time the system was updated difficulties to make the appropriate settings. The repetitive patch downloads and the need to change some components more compatible were a real difficulty given the internet speed I have in Africa and especially the possibilities to order new parts. It was then easier to go through a Mac Pro despite the investment to make. Well, you have to admit that it was also to please me eh ?

Today my machine works perfectly under Lion and I think I will quickly try a test under Moutain Lion (my loading rates have finally improved…). But when I get back to France, I seriously think about selling my Mac Pro and rebuilding myself a hackintosh that will be much more efficient and much cheaper.

The “new” Mac Pro are an insult to its users and the best publicity for the Hackintoshs.

For those who are interested, here are two sites that helped me with my hackintosh:

new has a french forum here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/

See you in 2013 ?

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