Out of lethargy

Itoubib had been asleep for almost 6 years. Normally, I would have to look for explanations that would be confused with excuses. My last article was written in November 2012 while I was working abroad. A lot has changed in the last five years. A few moves later, we moved to the Paris region. For me, much less then gradually more consultations at all, more on-call duty in the emergency room, in short more medicine in contact with patients. I changed path to direct myself towards the project management of medical information systems. Finally, I made the connection between my skills as a doctor and my desire for digital. To come back to iToubib, it’s hard to get this experience into the blog as I originally imagined it (if you add that I’m hardly at Apple anymore…).

Then why are we relaunching it today?

It had been on my mind for some time, but Facebook decided (even if I don’t use it…). Well against his will I must say since it was the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica case that motivated me. My job also requires me to deal with cybersecurity issues. I have put in place something to protect my children (here, an idea for a series of articles…). So I thought there was something to share and discuss.

I talk a lot with my friends and colleagues who still see patients, the real doctors. I realized the gap between their desires, their needs, often close to mine, and the technological vision of the engineers with whom I work.

Finally, since the beginning of this blog in 2009, the digital world has exploded and it will continue. Information technologies will inexorably extend their hold, and therefore their powers, over our personal and professional lives. Artificial intelligence will inevitably disrupt our lives and more particularly the medical world (cf. Cedric Villani’s report).

So I had something to talk about, to think about, to propose solutions…

Thus iToubib 2.0 launches today with a small facelift of the site. I still wanted to keep the iToubib 1.0 episodes. You’ll find them warm here.

Come on. I’m out of my lethargy!!!!

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