Red light radars and SAMU: the bug

Little surprise during an ambulance outing in a metropolis equipped with automatic radars at certain red lights. While the vehicles in front of us would normally release the road in order to let us move forward, we are stuck at a red light. All sirens howling and lights glittering, nothing to do, no one moves. Stuck!!

Taken back, I’m asking our paramedic what’s going on. The motive of this collective rebellion falls with a small smile smirk at the corner of the lips: The Red Fire radar set up at this place.
Since the installation of automatic speed radars, the management of the flashes of emergency vehicles (firefighters, police, SAMU) has long been regulated. The same with the red light flashes.

Problems set for emergency vehicles but not for lambda vehicles that block the red light traffic. For them, it will be fine and loss of point just to have been civic and responsible. All they had to do was think before!!!

Result: Vehicles blocked.

-Sorry Madam but the gentleman’s heart attack will pass after the harvest of fines.
-but it’s not the season!
-For the government, picking is all year round.

From the to advise everyone to challenge the fines by evoking the emergency vehicle that was behind, there is only one step that I do not cross…..

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