World Diabetes Day

In this period of the media pandemic, it is good to remember that there are also more serious illnesses and more frequent than the flu. Diabetes is part of it.

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day. So what do you need to feel concerned about?

Diabetes is a common, potentially serious disease if it is not properly treated and especially slow and low-noise evolution. The latest statistics show a significant increase in the number of diabetics in France. This increase mainly concerns a type of diabetes directly related to obesity (plus 5.7% per annum). In this, the evolution curve of diabetes follows that of the size of our trousers….

This disease is common, but above all it is "stabilisable". You can't cure your diabetes, but you can stabilize your illness. Progress in treatment makes it possible to have an almost normal life and most of the time without constraint.

So, yes, you must feel concerned!

Many pharmacists will propose a free dosage of your blood sugar in the future. It's fast, efficient and not painful (good a little bit anyway). Anyway, are there any cases of diabetes in your family? You eat a lot and lose weight (especially for subjects under 30 years of age)? For some time you had to change your entire wardrobe? Go get tested and find out!

It would be a pity to miss out on an easy diagnosis and to waste time.

Here, I'm going to do a little dosage myself!

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