Afraid of the storm?

It was yesterday evening around 9 p.m. in an emergency service of a large metropolis which is preparing, like the majority of France, at the arrival of the Storm Xynthia. The service is full, but the waiting room is empty, all patients have been taken care of or are waiting for results. I just brought out a lady of 99 years old who had an incredible potato and nothing to say medically, a real happiness and especially a great burst of laughter when she looked at us with a smile in the corner, telling us that this morning she wondered if she was not in Surrounded. After a day of running around, it feels good.

The host nurse arrives then, she also with a smile on the corner of the lips, our grandmother on the way out has probably made another joke. But no, it's something else.

-In two months I'm going to retire, I thought I saw some, but now.

— …………………. (with a little bit of concern anyway)

— I have a gentleman who has just presented himself, he was afraid of the noise of the storm last year.

— …………………. (Good it starts to feel the lexomil under the tongue)

So, there he comes just to sleep in the E.R.

— …………………. (I confess that nothing happened to me by the head at that time, EEG flat)

— He wants nothing but to be in the waiting room and stay the night while the storm passes.

So he stayed for the night after even mentioning that we did not make breakfast:-). I admit that at one point I hesitated to send him to see a psychiatrist, but hey, after all, fear is not mastered!

The icing on the cake is when he was asked if he was not worried about his house:

No, no, my wife stayed home, she will call the firefighters if necessary!

Yes, I should have thought of that.

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