In the footsteps of JAMOT

My last ticket was. October 4……2010 I am a little ashamed and recently looking for any valid excuses justifying such a delay. And I found (if, if…). I’m leaving! Or rather, I left! Far away!

Since about 8 months, in addition to the daily activities and other guards of which for some I made you live some selected and tasty moments on Twitter (thanks to all those who follow me), I prepare myself. Or rather I should say WE are preparing ourselves since I am leaving with the whole little family.

Since this summer, no more social security, opportunistic rhinitis and low back pain, welcome trypanosomiasis, cysticercosis, Cayor’s worms and of course our big winner: Anopheles and her friend plasmodium falciparum. In short, for a few months (years??), I will be able to live the medical fracture to the full.

Medical fracture certainly, but not that…. digital breakdown awaits me. I have a 512 KB/sec THD (Very High Speed) access…. when there is electricity………….. Anyway, it will change my Free access which irritated my taste buds when it goes below 1 MB/sec.

It’s all very nice, but where am I going? For those who know a little about the history of tropical medicine, the title of this post may have already oriented them. For the others, I suggest you find more precise information about Eugène Jamot here. So Africa and more precisely Central Africa with its lush forests and its cohort of known and unknown diseases to this day. Central Africa, but no more precision than that. As usual and in order to keep a total freedom of writing, I will not give more precision on my localization (Google and Steve Jobs will never find me!!!).

So I say see you soon for very different adventures.

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