Iphone or stethoscope? Both of them of course!!!

Probably that Steve Jobs had seen in his crystal ball all the applications coming from his star phone, but the, I admit to being surprised.

A guard in an emergency department like any other. An elderly patient arrives, addressed by her treating physician for the brutal appearance of a hemiplegia (paralysis on one side of the body). The quick review confirms the diagnosis. I quickly send him to do a brain scan that shows very clearly a bleeding in the brain. So I call the Guard neurology intern who is on another hospital.

-Good evening, I'm calling for a patient who has a cerebral hemorrhage with hemiplegia since this afternoon. She is conscious, oriented………

-Okay, did you do a CT scan?

-Yes, we find a bleeding in parietal-occipital……

-Hmmm, you have an iPhone??

– ………….. Uh, yes.

-Cool, you send me a message with a picture of the scan.

-…………………. uh, okay.

A few seconds to take the picture and send it via MMS.

-Yes OK. The bleeding is not important.


-Well, you're transferring it to me right now?

-No worries.

Then I turn to my interns and explain my adventure. Jaded faces, even almost condescending, in front of so many tackiness. I'm leaving soon to arrange the transfer of my patient. Roll:

In the end, I do not know what feeling took the step on the other, the pleasant surprise of this use sum all well come of my precious or the unpleasant feeling of having taken a serious old shot. Even the head of service who four months previously did not know how to send an SMS with his Nokia has equipped itself.

When will iphones be offered when you pass your thesis? Most likely faster than I think…..

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