I have my voucher!!!!!!

What a joy!!!!  I have my vaccination voucher. Yes, I am. Today…

Of course I’m fine, I guess. Moreover it is reassuring to know that social security also thinks that I am well, no particular risk factors in view of my consumption of drugs. Ok!

I would still appreciate that this venerable institution considers me a bit like a health professional. Of course, I am only a generalist and it took me three good months of preparation to be declared fit for influenza vaccination by our department.

Nor will I elaborate on the availability of vaccination vouchers for quite a few people (health professionals or not) when our minister has just announced not only that it was no longer necessary to go to get vaccinated, but That in addition the epidemic peak is behind us. The Department’s communications department handled his case well.

On this last point, a small precision. The Directorate General of Health has proudly dropped the information, the pic is behind us. No media that I have heard or seen has clarified this statement. So this is the peak of the epidemic which in plain language indicates that the number of cases of influenza will go by decreasing from that date. So the epidemic is not over and there will probably be cases until the end of February or the beginning of March. When you see the crowds in the vaccination centres in the midst of a pandemic, you have the right to wonder if communicating in this way is really good. The Department’s communications department managed its business well (BIS).

But reassure us, our minister said, no mistake in the management of this crisis, his ministry has done a great job… The Department’s communications department managed its business well (TER).

Finally, I have my voucher!

Luckily I didn’t wait for him to get vaccinated. I do not like the minister.

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