You are told that it is a flu!!!!

A 40-year-old woman comes to the E.R. addressed by her attending physician. She wears a slightly wobbly surgical mask that doesn't have to protect anything. The mask is distinguished from the flushed ring. She's very pale. Her husband also by the way though a little less, probably worry.

I'm going to get her into a box. I do not have protection. It is plugged into the scope, correct blood pressure, pulse at 127 (this is a bit fast anyway), temperature at 40 °c. I'm reading his doctor's letter.

Madame X is a healthy woman, no particular antecedents except a latent depression without real follow-up or treatment. No known illness in the family, no treatment. In short the dream patient.

For a week, Madame X has been having influenza syndrome. Minimum isolation at home, a little paracetamol, rest, a broth in the evening and in bed. Nothing to say.

But since 48 hours, the fever has returned, strong, constant, wearing. Mrs. X consulted in the E.R. of another hospital. A pulmonary radio later, she comes out with her amoxicillin prescription. Diagnosis: Pneumonia on the left. Frankly no pot!

Madame X begins her treatment immediately. But the next day, it hits at 40 °c of temperature. On antibiotics. She consults her treating doctor Who in the light of evolution adds an antibiotic in addition to the first. Good idea, normally it'll clean it up quickly.

The next day, Madame X always taps at 40 °c and a little in the bowls. Her doctor resees her and especially returns her to the E.R., because so much fever under two antibiotics, it does not become automatic.

I'm going to go back to Madame X. Oxygen Saturation at 85%. Ha! That's not good!!! (Normal is greater than 95%)

Hop, neither seen nor known, a small oxygen probe in the nostrils.

We're redoing the chest x-ray. Interesting, we only under two antibiotics at good dose the fever persists, but in addition the infection spread to the second lung.

Madame X stayed with me that night with her infusion in her arm, her oxygen sensor and two all new antibiotics all beautiful plus a little Tamiflu (it does not hurt).

Her husband went home worried. She is not reassured either. But it should be fine, we'll deal with it. The next day, it is still at more than 39 °c, its oxygen saturation is good……….. with the probe. Before I leave my guard, we'll talk to the resuscitator, in case.

The night before, I filled out a questionnaire with her to do a flu test:

-Do you have any illnesses?

-No, nothing.

-You got vaccinated?

-Bin for a flu…………

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