Two too many dead!

She's in her thirties, a husband a little younger than she and a little girl. She's pregnant in the last trimester. She showed up at the vaccination centre a while ago. She was more of a chance to find out. A doctor or a friend, we will never, advised him against the vaccine. Not sure, the adjuvants, the mercury, everything we said in the media…….. She's arguing, but in the end, no! She's not going to get vaccinated, really too dangerous for a simple flu.

Some time later, she's going to have influenza syndrome. That gets worse. She is evacuated to the nearest hospital, but her case is too serious, she will end up on a large regional hospital. In resuscitation. For a little flu.

She died quickly. Her baby too. Because of a little flu. Or a missed vaccination appointment. Or bad advice from his doctor, his entourage, some media. Who will really know?

At the moment, everyone is mobilizing for Haiti. Very natural solidarity after a catastrophe of such magnitude. But what would be given to prevent this earthquake or at least to foresee it and react accordingly? In time.

That is what we are talking about with vaccination. React before. Without waiting.

Were the thousands of deaths in Haiti inevitable? I do not know. But those two were! And no one will be accountable to the family. Neither some media, nor the tellers of Bonaventure who predicted the post-vaccination bump.

They leave a traumatized husband and a little orphan girl.

The culprits don't risk anything. Worse, they don't care!

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