Then. ipad or not ipad?

"Magical", "extraordinary", "We are all very excited!!!" ….., as usual, the modesty of Steve Jobs and his comrades is equal only to the extent they put in their words. Well, it's a keynote, you have to give grain to grind.

So, an iPad. Or rather after the iphone 3GS, here is the iphone XXL.

I followed the keynote live on different sites and was trying since yesterday evening to get a little more information from the lucky ones who held it in their hand with sometimes contradictory data (it is multitasking or not?????).

Anyway, we'll have to wait a little while before we make a decision. Because the question that everyone has to ask today is………… what's the point??

Microsoft's Cerberus (Steve Balmer) mentioned a few weeks ago an HP tablet running under Seven without much conviction. Moreover, in an interview, he had confirmed his skepticism about the existence of a market for tablets. Well, it must still be remembered that the same individual (besides being proud of Windows Mobile!!!) had predicted a resounding failure of the iPhone.

It does not prevent. I have my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. What can I use an iPad for?

Honestly, I don't know. The object may be very interesting, but in my opinion it lacks some elements that Apple may be released by the official launch of the product.

For example, there is, it seems, no Finder like on an iPhone. So there is no question of managing your files as you wish and so what about using the Iworks suite. In the same way, a larger screen will probably allow the appearance on Iphoneos of new uses that will approximate the use of a "normal" computer, difficult thing on the IPAD due to hardware and software limitations. The arrival of the IPad should therefore coincide with a strengthening of the use of the online services that are "Mobile Me" and "". So it will have to pay more……

Then it will be the software offer that will actually make the product's interest (as for the IPhone). For the moment, having its iPhone applications in a little bigger does not serve me very much. Apple has paved the way with Iworks. We'll see what publishers are proposing in the coming weeks, but it's highly likely that some of the new IPhone's complementary solutions will come out quickly.

Personally; I like the paper and so do not feel really attracted by the use of ebooks. Except for archiving documents and reading professional books, I don't see myself reading a Zola on the IPad.

Apart from that, I imagine myself very well with an ipad to do some consultations, or even my daughter with her ipad of 700 grams in place of all these books and notebooks, or…..

Wait and see but Steve said, they're all very enthusiastic!!!! Then why doubt?

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