Lady X and her vaccine voucher

Ms. X received a vaccination voucher for H1N1 flu. For his son. But not for his daughter. Nor for her for that matter.

She hesitates, if the good ones arrive away from each other, she will have to go three times in the center of which she depends? Maybe she'll wait until she gets all the family vouchers. But good the epidemic is advancing.

Well, it's where this center. Madame X is surprised, it seems remote. In addition there are no operating times. Given the urgency, it must be quite wide………..

A small tour on the Internet on the site of his town hall and Madame X finds that there is a center right next to her home. Well, not bad.

Ha the schedules are………………. reduced. The center of Madame X is open from 1pm to 5pm. And that's it. Otherwise the nearest centre is open to it from 8:30 to 12:30. These are schedules especially suitable for children going to school or working parents.

Come on, Lady X, motivate yourself a little!

The ministry tells you to get vaccinated!

Too bad he let the administration organize the campaign. Get vaccinated or withdraw his card, even fight.

Too bad for us.

By the way, Mrs. X's husband is a doctor. And he's always so upset!

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