A matter of trust

I'm upset.

And it is not the disastrous communication of our ministry that will improve our days.

Upset to fight the fear either of the H1N1 flu or its terrible vaccine, all in a media circus-political cacophony that nothing seems to want to stop.

-Well, doctor, she's not serious about the flu. Not?

-Honestly, we are not sure of anything. The initial data were reassuring, but it seems that there are also deaths among well-off young people. To date, there are 4 000 deaths in the United States and 47 in France, so since we have a vaccine that would be silly, right?

-Yes, finally your vaccine, it gives Guillain Barré, they told the ministry

-Yes and no, the declared case has not been confirmed and seems to have completely regressed. In any case, this does not seem conceivable given the origin of this disease that it is triggered just 6 days after vaccination. It's too short.

Me anyway, I'm afraid of your vaccines. Do you remember hepatitis B?

-Yes we talked a lot about it, but a few years ago two serious and independent studies of the laboratories showed that there was no relationship between vaccination and the occurrence of multiple sclerosis. The problem is that once the fear is installed…..

-Good, but, it actually works this vaccine. On (my mom said we're a…..) told me that we (still him!!!) didn't even know if he was walking.

-it is the same vaccine as those of seasonal flu so there is no reason that it does not work.

-By the way, doctor, what do you think of the flu?

– …………………….

-Ha No, I have no confidence in vaccines!

– ……………………

-Well, doctor, are you going to do the vaccination?

-Of course, there is no reason not to trust.

-You're right. But with speeches, journalists and then these vaccination centres that we don't know, it's hard to trust.

-I understand.

A question of trust, I tell you….

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