It was enough to say!

Today I made a presentation of the situation of the H1N1 influenza pandemic with data from current developments as well as evaluation of vaccines, adjuvants……. I do not detail all this, I have already expressed myself in other tickets.

Part of the assembly seems reluctant to me, but especially interrogative to what I am going to say.

At the end of a half-hour presentation where I try to address most of the themes that have been debated, to respond in anticipation to all the questions, without concealing anything that we know, but also of what we do not know, I wait. The questions…..

We discuss the issue of curative treatment and its efficacy, we go back to the vaccine and how to approach it, we talk about the flu and its danger.

In the end, few questions. I am amazed and trying to revive the conversation.

It is at this moment that the word is loosened with regard to the media, of the policies, the way in which the information was relayed (ha yes the famous case of Guillain Barré, which was not one…), the organization of the vaccination centres, the fears that And above all the unpleasant feeling of "we are not told everything"…

Everyone's leaving. A large majority will be vaccinated. I am entitled to a few thanks for giving simple, clear and argumentative information.

It is therefore possible in France to speak frankly, without hiding anything and still get a satisfactory result!

Am full of optimism tonight……

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