The switcher's backpacker: security

I hesitated to publish this ticket. In fact, I started to write it now three weeks ago. It turns out that since many articles have come to feed the information about the security of the MAC but also of the iPhone. Especially to explain the important holes present in MacOS and Iphoneos. In the end, I decided to publish it as is, knowing that I do not think I said any nonsense in relation to the latest data. At the end of the article you will find links to the latest articles available in order to get a better idea.

Let's be clear, a Mac is safer than a Windows PC! But let's be honest too, this finding is not necessarily related to the quality of the system but more to the fact that Mac OS being less common than Windows, the Pirates are much less interested. These findings will of course be likely to change if Apple continues to take market share.

So, what about security on the Internet, what particularism compared to Windows?

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The switcher's backpacker: Internet access

I'm guilty! Guilty, unforgivable, ashamed…….. good ok it's deserved. I brutally and without notice stopped the series the backpacker of the switcher. We will make the economy of the explanations in wood (especially since I'm not sure to have to propose). So I'm retaking today with all my apologies.

So! Previously we have seen the network settings in order to access the Internet. In most cases, your ISP will offer you a notice detailing the Internet access and its setup on your MAC (if not, Google is your friend). So I think it's already settled.

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The switcher's backpacker: the friend BootCamp

We have seen in previous notes of our series The backpacker of the switcher first of all the basic operation of Mac OS and in particular the Finder then the installation and the management of the applications and finally the setting of System preferences. Because this series is mainly aimed at Windows users who have just switched to Mac and that one of the major fears during its switch is not to find all of our applications (or equivalent) in Mac OS, we will see Today how to use the program provided by Apple to install Windows: Boot Camp. In a second step, we'll quickly see the virtualization solutions available on Mac OS.

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Mac OS: Windows before

Mac OS 1

Because a Mac is above all an operating system, it seemed logical to me to continue the series "The Backpacker of the Switcher" by a presentation of Mac OS.

At the time when PC users were still at the MS-DOS command line, Apple had already released its first Macintosh to which it had backed up an appendage: the mouse. The first windowed operating system was born, it was called Mac OS.

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"Pass on Mac? Never! "though….

"Yes it's clear, never!!! A closed platform, expensive machines, a cult under the influence of its guru and besides other professional applications there's nothing on Mac! »


Let's face it. I was the one who held them. I'm not proud of it now that I have crunched the apple, but hey I assume. So why change your mind?

You will find on the internet a lot of sites giving you 10 good reasons to switch or even not to switch. If you look at the page for the switchers on the Apple site, you will find a priori answers to the main questions that PC users ask before switching to MAC.

So, rather than adding another layer, I'll just give you my reasons, we'll see if it's any use to you.

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The Switcher's backpacker

Or how to go on Mac without getting into a big galley?

This will be the name of a new heading that I will feed in the coming weeks, if possible before the holidays for requests to Santa Claus.

It's been several years that I work on the two great OS, Windows and Mac os. So I had at leisure the possibility of comparing them and seeing the evolution. Despite the advantages of the MAC (we will return), I remained on PC for fear of not finding all the applications absolutely necessary for my survival.

But, our father at all, Steve Jobs decided to abandon the PowerPC to switch his machines under Intel paving the way for the installation of Windows confirmed a few months after by the provision of BootCamp, the Apple utility allowing the installation Of Microsoft's featured system.

Released and totally reassured (after all, I could still use Windows if I missed a program on Mac OS), so I switched about a year ago.

So I suggest you share my experience to either get you to pass the course or find information or advice for those who are already in a perfect world. I already have ideas on the chapters to discuss, but you can of course offer me a theme using the contact form.

First article?

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