It was hard to believe. But even the world is relaying information: A French collective has just filed a complaint against X for poisoning in response to the mass diffusion of the H1N1 vaccine.


A small definition anyway to know what we are talking about:

Poisoning: "Administration of poison, of a toxic substance, with the intention of causing death." »

So according to these people, the H1N1 vaccine is either a poison or a toxic substance.

A poison: "Substance capable of severely destroying or altering the vital functions of an organism, used to give death." This always implies the will to give death.

Regarding the toxic substance, things are a little more complex, because in medicine we tend to name "toxic" all available medications from paracetamol to chemotherapy. So there may be confusion, but there is not in the medical use of intent to cause death so we can talk about poisoning (finally I hope otherwise I render my caduceus).

Beyond these semantic considerations on the interpretation of this request, I wanted to make some clarification on this vaccine.

I have therefore verified the differences between a seasonal influenza vaccine (seasonal vaccine for the year 2008-2009, given here from Vidal) and at least one of the vaccines currently available for the H1N1 virus and the data available here.

It is therefore the same manufacturing technique (based on egg culture) using a new strain of influenza virus (H1N1!) as laboratories have been doing for years with seasonal viruses that change in a random way. So there is no new method of manufacture in this vaccine!!

Yes, but what about the adjuvants???

The use of adjuvants in pandemic vaccines (in contrast to seasonal vaccines) is only imposed by the time constrained between the availability of the pandemic strain and the production capacity of the laboratories . Thus, to accentuate the response of the patient to the vaccine, the laboratories add adjuvants that allow to put fewer viral particles per dose (7.5 micrograms per dose versus 15 usually for those that interest) and thus produce more Doses of vaccines at the same time. Regarding the dangerousness of these products, we must know that they are not recent. They are used for years in different especially in a seasonal flu vaccine used by more than 45 million people without having had a return of pharmacovigilance evoking adverse side effects.

So, concerning myself, I will get vaccinated so as not to endanger my family, but especially my fragile patients. Pandemic vaccines are nothing more than "classic" influenza vaccines with adjuvants known and used for years. Now, you are free to wait for the unadjuvanted vaccine normally available during the month of November.

To return to this complaint, she would make smiles if behind did not hide the willingness of pressure groups to come back on the use of vaccines. Just remember that vaccination has nothing obligatory (so it is difficult to talk about intent to cause death), you are free to get sick if that is your desire;-). Vaccines have long demonstrated their efficacy and especially their usefulness. These complainants should be reminded that through vaccination smallpox has disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

There is much to be said about communicating and managing this pandemic, but assimilating vaccination with poisoning is neither serious nor responsible.

In the end, it is your doctor who will be your best advice and probably not a lawyer……

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