I like wine!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I confess!!

I am guilty, but also a victim of my Médoc roots. So I say loud and clear, "I'm a doctor and I love wine!"

Why is this coming out?

Because we come out of the grape harvest (an exceptional vintage seems it). Because it is not just milk producers who are suffering the effects of the crisis. Because a good bottle does not cost an arm if you look for a little. Because I have had enough of the good thinking that would impose on us a life of ascetic. Because we can indulge without endangering his life (if, if, promised!!). Probably also because I have a close friend who makes an exceptional wine in terms of quality/price and I want to be able to continue to taste the fruit of his superb work. Because wine is an integral part of our culture.


From the soul of the wine of Baudelaire to the Dictionary of Love of Bernard Pivot, the wine has benefited from the talent of authors to how much more than me to explain why this substance touches the divine. I will not venture into this land.

In medicine, many books, thesis or studies have shown the benefits of a glass of good wine (I insist on the "good" wine). But hush, we must not talk too loudly, cirrhosis is waiting for us, delirium tremens hangs us in the nose not to mention road safety. I remember this professor of neurology of Bordeaux who had released a study demonstrating the protective role of wine (consume in moderation eh!) in senile dementias including Alzheimer's disease. He was soon asked not to talk too much about this investigation…..

So I like wine. And I can assure you that they can continue to stick as many alarmist logos and warnings as they want on our frontignans, I will continue to revel in his tannins so beneficial.

So, let's drink, good wine, without driving (and I put a lot of emphasis on it!), with moderation (….), without fear and above all without shame.

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