Safari or Firefox, which one to choose?

I am actually asking the question.

Even before switching, I was an avid user of Firefox almost since it was released since I was already using the Mozilla suite at the time. When I went on Mac, the question no longer arose since Internet Explorer was not available (what luck!). So I was left as the only partner surfing the Red Panda and obviously Safari in version 3.0.

I admit, I only used safari occasionally to pick up my second Gmail box and on some ASP-coded sites (I find that Safari provides better compatibility with ASP than Firefox).

For a year, Firefox has gone to version 3.5 and Safari has landed it in version 4. What's new, what advantages? In the end apart from increased speed, no revolution first.

However, over time and its use, I really find Safari more and more responsive, with better compatibility, and above all an excellent integration to the system. But is this not the least of the things that one is entitled to expect from a browser provided by Apple on Mac OS?

So, here, I think I'll spend a lot more time on Safari than on Firefox unless of course that the Mozilla Foundation is making us an improved version that keeps me on its star browser.

Only downside, using a Delicious account for the management of my bookmarks, the only possibility of integration in Safari goes through a plug-in paying what still tends to annoy me with the twists. Come on Mr. Delicious, a small plug-in integrated with Safari and will be the happiness…

And you, on Mac of course, but also on PC (like what I remain largely open minded…), what is your favorite browser?

NB: After several tests of my site on Internet Explorer, I can only notice errors of display including the navigation bar. So you are entitled to prefer Internet Explorer, but hey…

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