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I just noticed the availability of version 2 of worpress for IPhone. Since they have changed their name, ITunes does not automatically offer it as an update. Go to ITunes to install me.
On the program, new interface, new feature for comments, backups of posts while waiting for a network connection, fix bugs……
A test for all nomad bloggers on WordPress.

[maj] It works pretty well

The Switcher's backpacker

Or how to go on Mac without getting into a big galley?

This will be the name of a new heading that I will feed in the coming weeks, if possible before the holidays for requests to Santa Claus.

It's been several years that I work on the two great OS, Windows and Mac os. So I had at leisure the possibility of comparing them and seeing the evolution. Despite the advantages of the MAC (we will return), I remained on PC for fear of not finding all the applications absolutely necessary for my survival.

But, our father at all, Steve Jobs decided to abandon the PowerPC to switch his machines under Intel paving the way for the installation of Windows confirmed a few months after by the provision of BootCamp, the Apple utility allowing the installation Of Microsoft's featured system.

Released and totally reassured (after all, I could still use Windows if I missed a program on Mac OS), so I switched about a year ago.

So I suggest you share my experience to either get you to pass the course or find information or advice for those who are already in a perfect world. I already have ideas on the chapters to discuss, but you can of course offer me a theme using the contact form.

First article?

Come on, this weekend!

H1N1 Vaccines again and again

Decidedly, it is an attack in order against this poor H1N1 flu vaccine that already suffers enough not to protect from a disease "sufficiently deadly".

Is it not that we learn that one of the government's advisers on the fight against the H1N1 pandemic is also working for one of the laboratories manufacturing the vaccine (source Le Parisien).

That's a scoop!!!

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Safari or Firefox, which one to choose?

I am actually asking the question.

Even before switching, I was an avid user of Firefox almost since it was released since I was already using the Mozilla suite at the time. When I went on Mac, the question no longer arose since Internet Explorer was not available (what luck!). So I was left as the only partner surfing the Red Panda and obviously Safari in version 3.0.

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Welcome on IToubib

Here I go.

I propose to find here my impressions, favorites, good (and bad) moods, but also, because Itoubib, requires information about the world Mac, the Internet and the medical world.
The time to finish the cosmetic site and I will quickly drop some items, hoping to continue to feed it regularly.

So at all, very soon….

PS: As specified on my presentation page, this site does not lend reply to medical requests………….. No need to send me e-mails in this direction.

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