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My last ticket was. October 4……2010 I am a little ashamed and recently looking for any valid excuses justifying such a delay. And I found (if, if…). I’m leaving! Or rather, I left! Far away!

Since about 8 months, in addition to the daily activities and other guards of which for some I made you live some selected and tasty moments on Twitter (thanks to all those who follow me), I prepare myself. Or rather I should say WE are preparing ourselves since I am leaving with the whole little family.

Since this summer, no more social security, opportunistic rhinitis and low back pain, welcome trypanosomiasis, cysticercosis, Cayor’s worms and of course our big winner: Anopheles and her friend plasmodium falciparum. In short, for a few months (years??), I will be able to live the medical fracture to the full.

Medical fracture certainly, but not that…. digital breakdown awaits me. I have a 512 KB/sec THD (Very High Speed) access…. when there is electricity………….. Anyway, it will change my Free access which irritated my taste buds when it goes below 1 MB/sec.

It’s all very nice, but where am I going? For those who know a little about the history of tropical medicine, the title of this post may have already oriented them. For the others, I suggest you find more precise information about Eugène Jamot here. So Africa and more precisely Central Africa with its lush forests and its cohort of known and unknown diseases to this day. Central Africa, but no more precision than that. As usual and in order to keep a total freedom of writing, I will not give more precision on my localization (Google and Steve Jobs will never find me!!!).

So I say see you soon for very different adventures.

Pertussis: Small injection of rappel…de vaccine

She's an old friend who just remembered my good memory.  It is Bordetella pertussis, a bacterium that has all the hair to scratch, because it is responsible for whooping cough. Pertussis, a child's disease, is characterized by a dry, noisy cough, resembling the rooster's singing (hence the name, like what science sometimes… finally let's go!) Short illness of the child against which we are protected by a vaccine developed in the years 1940 in the United States then introduced in France in 1959 in an isolated presentation then quickly combined with the diphtheria tetanus polio vaccine in 1966: the "Tetracoq" . Currently, our beloved toddlers even receive the PENTACOQ in which the protection against Haemophilus influenzae has been added. Anyway, everything was going for the best. Except….

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Vidal on the IPhone, the ridiculous does not kill!

Would the Vidal editions take us for apples? (I know, I could not resist…)

Vidal has been on the Appstore since yesterday! An exit without trumpets or drums just announced on an internal page of the Vidal site. In view of the application, we understand why!

Little reminder: The Vidal, a dictionary of medicines historically the most famous and the most widespread in France, was absent from the IPhone despite the very strong demand of health professionals. Reason mentioned is the absence of iPhone porting of the Mobipocket application allowing to read the precious dictionary. Is! The first few months. But, the time and the passing seasons, still no portage of the book in the form of a standalone application while a smaller box had already worn the bank Claude Bernard on our precious. Painful period from which I had come out victorious by leaving the online encyclopedia failing to throw myself in the arms of Claude (Bernard) with great satisfaction: here.

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Vidal and IPhone: Vive la BCB!!!!

This is the medical l'arlésienne of the IPhone, the Vidal. Indeed, while we can not really consider that the iPhone has just come out or that the first version of the SDK has just been made available, the AppStore is still silent as regards the availability of the Bible of medicines French.

It is interesting to browse the forum opened by vital editions concerning the famous availability of a native application for the IPhone: "Always in preparation", "We think about it", "it will not be long"…

While Apple presented its iPad whose use for nomadic doctors (and other???) seems to me an obvious, still no news on the part of the editions of Vidal. Worse, when some on the forum take themselves to evoke the availability of another French drug database, they are simply censored (here).

So why so much waiting?

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Two too many dead!

She's in her thirties, a husband a little younger than she and a little girl. She's pregnant in the last trimester. She showed up at the vaccination centre a while ago. She was more of a chance to find out. A doctor or a friend, we will never, advised him against the vaccine. Not sure, the adjuvants, the mercury, everything we said in the media…….. She's arguing, but in the end, no! She's not going to get vaccinated, really too dangerous for a simple flu.

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You are told that it is a flu!!!!

A 40-year-old woman comes to the E.R. addressed by her attending physician. She wears a slightly wobbly surgical mask that doesn't have to protect anything. The mask is distinguished from the flushed ring. She's very pale. Her husband also by the way though a little less, probably worry.

I'm going to get her into a box. I do not have protection. It is plugged into the scope, correct blood pressure, pulse at 127 (this is a bit fast anyway), temperature at 40 °c. I'm reading his doctor's letter.

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I have my voucher!!!!!!

What a joy!!!!  I have my vaccination voucher. Yes, I am. Today…

Of course I’m fine, I guess. Moreover it is reassuring to know that social security also thinks that I am well, no particular risk factors in view of my consumption of drugs. Ok!

I would still appreciate that this venerable institution considers me a bit like a health professional. Of course, I am only a generalist and it took me three good months of preparation to be declared fit for influenza vaccination by our department.

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Iphone or stethoscope? Both of them of course!!!

Probably that Steve Jobs had seen in his crystal ball all the applications coming from his star phone, but the, I admit to being surprised.

A guard in an emergency department like any other. An elderly patient arrives, addressed by her treating physician for the brutal appearance of a hemiplegia (paralysis on one side of the body). The quick review confirms the diagnosis. I quickly send him to do a brain scan that shows very clearly a bleeding in the brain. So I call the Guard neurology intern who is on another hospital.

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