In the footsteps of JAMOT

My last ticket was. October 4……2010 I am a little ashamed and recently looking for any valid excuses justifying such a delay. And I found (if, if…). I’m leaving! Or rather, I left! Far away!

Since about 8 months, in addition to the daily activities and other guards of which for some I made you live some selected and tasty moments on Twitter (thanks to all those who follow me), I prepare myself. Or rather I should say WE are preparing ourselves since I am leaving with the whole little family.

Since this summer, no more social security, opportunistic rhinitis and low back pain, welcome trypanosomiasis, cysticercosis, Cayor’s worms and of course our big winner: Anopheles and her friend plasmodium falciparum. In short, for a few months (years??), I will be able to live the medical fracture to the full.

Medical fracture certainly, but not that…. digital breakdown awaits me. I have a 512 KB/sec THD (Very High Speed) access…. when there is electricity………….. Anyway, it will change my Free access which irritated my taste buds when it goes below 1 MB/sec.

It’s all very nice, but where am I going? For those who know a little about the history of tropical medicine, the title of this post may have already oriented them. For the others, I suggest you find more precise information about Eugène Jamot here. So Africa and more precisely Central Africa with its lush forests and its cohort of known and unknown diseases to this day. Central Africa, but no more precision than that. As usual and in order to keep a total freedom of writing, I will not give more precision on my localization (Google and Steve Jobs will never find me!!!).

So I say see you soon for very different adventures.

This is my first hackintosh, Yeah!!!!

There, it’s done. He’s officially back. Obviously vicious, necessarily tormenting…..the demon of the GEEK. After unmounting an iPhone, calling motherboards and other hard disks is the strongest. Of course, there’s no question of switching back to the dark side of Windows. No, but a hackintosh…. why not!
A what?? Simply, a hackintosh is, in Steve Jobs’ nightmares, the android counterpart on the Mac side: the filthy beast to eliminate at any cost. Or to be clearer, it is a PC like the others, often mounted by the user or a local integrator, on which Mac OS X is installed.
Why hackintosh?

First of all because it’s cheaper than a Mac. Some sites offer to compare prices with identical components. This is certainly very telling, but we must not forget that we are not dealing with a genuine computer “made in Apple” with the ideal integration between hardware and operating system.

Then, because we have an old PC (or even a younger one, but which is no longer used since we switched to ?) and it’s a shame not to use it.

Third, because we want to then why resist.

So I wanted to mount a hackintosh with an old tower of rather good quality equipped with a CORE 2 DUO 1.8 GHz on a Gigabyte motherboard. A few hours of research on Internet then I finally realize that the installation is not a sinecure. Each installation must be done with specific files of each motherboard and possibly of the graphics card. Not to mention the procedure for the computer to agree to load Mac OS X at boot time. Outside these salvation point files. Except….

Except I came across the tonymacx86 site. The latter offers the download of a small personal program called MULTIBEAST. A little video tutorial later, I launch and miracle, without settings, on an old motherboard, Mac OS X appears after a boot that I find rather fast.

A few details however: you must have an Intel processor and it is strongly recommended to use a Gigabyte motherboard.
Namely that not everything works. I have no sound, the card is not recognized (my first attempt to install the appropriate file to recover the sound caused a complete crash requiring reinstallation), but I wanted to mount a server so not necessary at my level. In any case, if you have a PC that is no longer used, why not try it? You do not risk anything for your equipment and it does not take much time.

To install using the tonymacx86 method, you must already have a Mac with the appropriate version of Mac OS X installed. Personally, I connected my destination drive via an external box.

I also join you the link of insanelymac on which you will find a lot of information on the last possible configurations if to assemble from scratch an equivalent of MacPro at better cost you plug.

Afraid of the storm?

It was yesterday evening around 9 p.m. in an emergency service of a large metropolis which is preparing, like the majority of France, at the arrival of the Storm Xynthia. The service is full, but the waiting room is empty, all patients have been taken care of or are waiting for results. I just brought out a lady of 99 years old who had an incredible potato and nothing to say medically, a real happiness and especially a great burst of laughter when she looked at us with a smile in the corner, telling us that this morning she wondered if she was not in Surrounded. After a day of running around, it feels good.

The host nurse arrives then, she also with a smile on the corner of the lips, our grandmother on the way out has probably made another joke. But no, it's something else.

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Two too many dead!

She's in her thirties, a husband a little younger than she and a little girl. She's pregnant in the last trimester. She showed up at the vaccination centre a while ago. She was more of a chance to find out. A doctor or a friend, we will never, advised him against the vaccine. Not sure, the adjuvants, the mercury, everything we said in the media…….. She's arguing, but in the end, no! She's not going to get vaccinated, really too dangerous for a simple flu.

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I have my voucher!!!!!!

What a joy!!!!  I have my vaccination voucher. Yes, I am. Today…

Of course I’m fine, I guess. Moreover it is reassuring to know that social security also thinks that I am well, no particular risk factors in view of my consumption of drugs. Ok!

I would still appreciate that this venerable institution considers me a bit like a health professional. Of course, I am only a generalist and it took me three good months of preparation to be declared fit for influenza vaccination by our department.

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Iphone or stethoscope? Both of them of course!!!

Probably that Steve Jobs had seen in his crystal ball all the applications coming from his star phone, but the, I admit to being surprised.

A guard in an emergency department like any other. An elderly patient arrives, addressed by her treating physician for the brutal appearance of a hemiplegia (paralysis on one side of the body). The quick review confirms the diagnosis. I quickly send him to do a brain scan that shows very clearly a bleeding in the brain. So I call the Guard neurology intern who is on another hospital.

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Greetings, Vaccines and gastroenteritis

Back after a few days of vacation.

And that good news in this new year. The flu is gradually declining even if we remain in many areas on an epidemic threshold. Fortunately, our old friend gastroenteritis is in full power, we almost bored.

Anyway, yesterday, our minister found us competent again since we will be able to vaccinate in the cabinets (it seems that there are balances on vaccines….). We frétillerait of joy even if the requisitions in the empty vaccination centers are probably going to miss us.

Go, happy year to all and think well of you wash your hands after the vows…