“New” Mac Pro: Pushes him to crime

Last night, Apple announced new MacBook Air, Pro, Retina… but nothing on Mac Pro. We had to wait for the reopening of the Apple Store to discover the “new” Mac Pro : a new generation processor (bof), a slightly faster memory (bof), the same graphics card (if, for two years), the same box with exactly the same connectors (no Lightpeak or USB 3).

Today the rumor suggests that there would be a TRUE update in 2013, three years since the previous generation. One is therefore entitled to wonder what it takes to Apple when I really don’t think it needs an ultra large investment to evolve its best (well in the past because compared to iMac…) machines.

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This is my first hackintosh, Yeah!!!!

There, it’s done. He’s officially back. Obviously vicious, necessarily tormenting…..the demon of the GEEK. After unmounting an iPhone, calling motherboards and other hard disks is the strongest. Of course, there’s no question of switching back to the dark side of Windows. No, but a hackintosh…. why not!
A what?? Simply, a hackintosh is, in Steve Jobs’ nightmares, the android counterpart on the Mac side: the filthy beast to eliminate at any cost. Or to be clearer, it is a PC like the others, often mounted by the user or a local integrator, on which Mac OS X is installed.
Why hackintosh?

First of all because it’s cheaper than a Mac. Some sites offer to compare prices with identical components. This is certainly very telling, but we must not forget that we are not dealing with a genuine computer “made in Apple” with the ideal integration between hardware and operating system.

Then, because we have an old PC (or even a younger one, but which is no longer used since we switched to ?) and it’s a shame not to use it.

Third, because we want to then why resist.

So I wanted to mount a hackintosh with an old tower of rather good quality equipped with a CORE 2 DUO 1.8 GHz on a Gigabyte motherboard. A few hours of research on Internet then I finally realize that the installation is not a sinecure. Each installation must be done with specific files of each motherboard and possibly of the graphics card. Not to mention the procedure for the computer to agree to load Mac OS X at boot time. Outside these salvation point files. Except….

Except I came across the tonymacx86 site. The latter offers the download of a small personal program called MULTIBEAST. A little video tutorial later, I launch and miracle, without settings, on an old motherboard, Mac OS X appears after a boot that I find rather fast.

A few details however: you must have an Intel processor and it is strongly recommended to use a Gigabyte motherboard.
Namely that not everything works. I have no sound, the card is not recognized (my first attempt to install the appropriate file to recover the sound caused a complete crash requiring reinstallation), but I wanted to mount a server so not necessary at my level. In any case, if you have a PC that is no longer used, why not try it? You do not risk anything for your equipment and it does not take much time.

To install using the tonymacx86 method, you must already have a Mac with the appropriate version of Mac OS X installed. Personally, I connected my destination drive via an external box.

I also join you the link of insanelymac on which you will find a lot of information on the last possible configurations if to assemble from scratch an equivalent of MacPro at better cost you plug.

Vidal on the IPhone, the ridiculous does not kill!

Would the Vidal editions take us for apples? (I know, I could not resist…)

Vidal has been on the Appstore since yesterday! An exit without trumpets or drums just announced on an internal page of the Vidal site. In view of the application, we understand why!

Little reminder: The Vidal, a dictionary of medicines historically the most famous and the most widespread in France, was absent from the IPhone despite the very strong demand of health professionals. Reason mentioned is the absence of iPhone porting of the Mobipocket application allowing to read the precious dictionary. Is! The first few months. But, the time and the passing seasons, still no portage of the book in the form of a standalone application while a smaller box had already worn the bank Claude Bernard on our precious. Painful period from which I had come out victorious by leaving the online encyclopedia failing to throw myself in the arms of Claude (Bernard) with great satisfaction: here.

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The switcher's backpacker: security

I hesitated to publish this ticket. In fact, I started to write it now three weeks ago. It turns out that since many articles have come to feed the information about the security of the MAC but also of the iPhone. Especially to explain the important holes present in MacOS and Iphoneos. In the end, I decided to publish it as is, knowing that I do not think I said any nonsense in relation to the latest data. At the end of the article you will find links to the latest articles available in order to get a better idea.

Let's be clear, a Mac is safer than a Windows PC! But let's be honest too, this finding is not necessarily related to the quality of the system but more to the fact that Mac OS being less common than Windows, the Pirates are much less interested. These findings will of course be likely to change if Apple continues to take market share.

So, what about security on the Internet, what particularism compared to Windows?

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The switcher's backpacker: Internet access

I'm guilty! Guilty, unforgivable, ashamed…….. good ok it's deserved. I brutally and without notice stopped the series the backpacker of the switcher. We will make the economy of the explanations in wood (especially since I'm not sure to have to propose). So I'm retaking today with all my apologies.

So! Previously we have seen the network settings in order to access the Internet. In most cases, your ISP will offer you a notice detailing the Internet access and its setup on your MAC (if not, Google is your friend). So I think it's already settled.

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Vidal and IPhone: Vive la BCB!!!!

This is the medical l'arlésienne of the IPhone, the Vidal. Indeed, while we can not really consider that the iPhone has just come out or that the first version of the SDK has just been made available, the AppStore is still silent as regards the availability of the Bible of medicines French.

It is interesting to browse the forum opened by vital editions concerning the famous availability of a native application for the IPhone: "Always in preparation", "We think about it", "it will not be long"…

While Apple presented its iPad whose use for nomadic doctors (and other???) seems to me an obvious, still no news on the part of the editions of Vidal. Worse, when some on the forum take themselves to evoke the availability of another French drug database, they are simply censored (here).

So why so much waiting?

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IPad: It's decanting….

In a previous post here, I had given my first impressions about the latest Apple IPad creation. Since Wednesday night, the blogosphere is in turmoil and the number of articles regarding the iPad multiply some positive others more than critical. In addition, the classical press took hold of the event and on the sites of our national newspapers, the number of notifications of pseudo-computer specialists multiply. So, a new genius shot of Steve jobs or a new flop at the Apple TV?

Personally, I do not think I am competent enough to consider future applications of the tablet and give a relevant opinion. That's why I propose in this ticket a small anthology of articles that I could find here and there on the Internet and that seem to them relevant.

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The switcher's backpacker: the friend BootCamp

We have seen in previous notes of our series The backpacker of the switcher first of all the basic operation of Mac OS and in particular the Finder then the installation and the management of the applications and finally the setting of System preferences. Because this series is mainly aimed at Windows users who have just switched to Mac and that one of the major fears during its switch is not to find all of our applications (or equivalent) in Mac OS, we will see Today how to use the program provided by Apple to install Windows: Boot Camp. In a second step, we'll quickly see the virtualization solutions available on Mac OS.

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